Focus SuSoh focuses on energy-efficient retrofitting of social housing buildings
Main topics

In a series of 4 on-site and 4 online training and communication events these topics will be discussed following a horizontal approach:

• Sustainability

• Energy efficiency

• Building envelope 

• Heating systems

• Access to finance 


Renovating social housing buildings in an energy saving and -efficient manner contributes to 

• implement the EU 2020 energy/climate headline targets;

• reduce low income families’ energy bills while at the same time enhancing their life quality; 

• reduce youth unemployment and facilitate continued employment of older building professionals, thus supporting active ageing.

Therefore, mainstreaming energy efficiency into the renovation of the social housing building stock contributes to effectively implement the EU 2020 Strategy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth.

Target audience The target audience for participating in SuSoh events are building developers, energy service providers (building assessors, energy certifiers, thermal installation inspectors, any other professionals providing energy certification and auditing services), students in related fields, social housing owners, property managers, social housing administrators, public purchasers, producers and retailers of energy efficient construction products,…
Why to participate?

Participation in SuSoh events offers opportunities to

• learn for free

• share practical know-how

• engage in policy debate 

• identify loopholes

• implement sustainability

How to participate? Participation is free but conditioned to prior registration here

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